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Coronavirus 11,264 patients fully recovered in the last 24 hours, total corona cases are 82,369
The total number of infected in the country so far is 1,58,333, so far 4,531 people have died.
No hope of becoming corona virus vaccine in few months: Expert
Women will be able to consult online gynecologist, medicines will reach home
Health condition alerts from Corona in June-July, health department alert
Coronavirus: Health test to be done five hours before the departure of the train, six checkup centers ready Moradabad
Home quarantine people did health training
Covid number of 19 infected people was 125101, death figure 3720
Gaganyaan Mission: Indian Airforce pilots taking such training in Russia
One day training given to private practitioners
These 4 'strength training' to strengthen muscles, women will get rid of extra fat
Order issued to open pathology with nursing home
Breath of the doctors watching the breathing patient  Moradabad Bureau
Odisha government's unique initiative, training of health workers being given to migrant laborers returning to the state
Supreme Court hearing will run from 18 May to 19 June between Coronavirus war in the country
Coronavirus infected people reach 81,000 in country; 2649 deaths so far
Coronavirus / CB net machine to start investigation soon, Health Department orders for cartilage purchase
COVID-19 provides US CDC $ 3.6 million to India amid crisis
Notification issued for construction of 45 Kovid Care Centers, Dedicated Health Centers and Dedicated Hospitals in the state